26 Jan 2022
17:50 GMT

Not long ago, in just about a couple of months before writing this, A group of 10,000 Apes shook up the Ethereum blockchain with a club they called the “Bored Ape Yacht Club”.
Their club claimed the crown of the Collectibles world in just a matter of days, while unconsciously evoking something that seemed long gone in this new world of NFTs so dominated with competition and rivalry.
A Real Community

This newfound but strong community of apes drew the attention of many, including 888 former CryptoPunks bored of all the glory and glamour of the museums and auction houses they’ve been touring in the past few years, missing the low key but vibrant community they too once had back in 2017.

But apparently not everyone was quite pleased with the rise of BAYC community, most notably a giant Meebit, allegedly representing no other than Beeple.
Beeple’s Meebit waged war on the Apes, hoping to reclaim the throne which once undeniably belonged to the Punks and then Meebits.

Using the distraction caused by this Meebit attack, our 888 Bored Punks found the perfect time to infiltrate the BAYC and have a look around their club hoping to find some secret recipe for building up the community they had in 2017 once again, but in an unforeseen turn of events, the 888 punks being known for just their facial features and accessories all this time, found out about their sense of fashion while browsing through the wardrobes of BAYC.

The plan for finding the blueprints of modern community building was now changed into a full on Punks Gala, which eventually made them decide to silently leave the premises with the clothes they “borrowed” from the Apes.

Now about a week after their raid, Those Bored and now Fashionable punks, tired of all the wars, competitions and rivalries going on, decided to finally take action and try their best to bring back peace and most importantly a sense of community back to the world now so used to blatantly overwrite the power and importance of community with monetary value, replacing the gift of new human connections, bonds and friendships made through the communities with a blond lust for gains, investments and financial profits whenever possible…

…So that brings us here,
Where the Bored Punk Yacht Club was born,
A club built upon the two main pillars of all NFT communities of the world,
Homaging Both
But Affiliated With Neither

The BPYC is now a club of its own,
Made for the community, By the community.

Aiming to once again prove the triumphant power of passionate, positive, like minded and creative people banding together.

Welcome to the club.

We would like to begin our roadmap by saying that the night our Punks raided the BAYC wardrobes out of boredom and even the night they decided to launch this club with the clothes “borrowed” from the Apes, We didn’t even dare to dream to be where we are now.

The Bored Punk Yacht Club was initially founded as a small tribute to the two main pillars of a community we – the founders of BPYC – so dearly love and pretty much consider as our second family.
Hoping to bring back the pure sense of [now gone] community the OG Punks once had, In a very small scale.

With the accelerating rate of avatar projects being launched in the past couple of months, mostly emphasizing on traits rarity and collectibility as the “utility” of their tokens, We felt that the importance of the rarest and most essential trait a collectible could possibly have is getting washed away in the process,
That trait being the unique Individuality of the Owner of that item.

Let us explain…
Take the CryptoPunks for example, launching in 2017 and adopted by a [then small] community of crypto savvy people and pretty much NFT pioneers as avatars and online identities, The instantly recognizable Pixelated avatars quickly became an identifying symbol of legitimacy and professionalism for their owners in the now rapidly growing NFT/crypto community, way before collectors and museums started to rank and categorize them based on trait types and rarities.
Hence (sorry, always wanted to use that word somewhere) We believe that aside from the obvious genius of Larva Labs in coming up with the idea, basically creating what we now know as the ERC721 contract and the amazing hierarchy of traits and rarities they came up with, today’s astronomical value of CryptoPunks is also directly tied to the achievements, efforts and the overall values those great pioneering individuals who identified themselves with punk avatars, have brought to the community.
And those individuals and their consistently productive roles in the community are not the kind of traits and attributes you can add to NFTs with a few lines of code or adding accessories…
This priceless and yet unspoken value created by the community has been our main intended “utility” for this club.
But this quick turn of events and the groundbreaking success of BPYC has already generated a far greater amount of monetary profit than what we were comfortable with making off of a club we made out of love for the community.
So with all of that being said,
As our Roadmap for the Bored Punk Yacht Club, following the main motto of BPYC being “A Club Made for the Community” we Immediately started to find a way to give back as much as we can to this amazing community, starting with developing an independent ERC-721 contract for our collection backed by IPFS metadata storage, adding 2 new sets of traits to all our Bored Punks and giving every BPYC member the opportunity to mint their Bored Punk with their own name as its creator in our swap program.

But thats not even the exciting part of what we were able do implement in this contract migration program.

Don’t get us wrong, We do realize that having a wide range of traits and rarities is cool and We still think our Club evolving from a fun tribute Opensea collection into its own ERC-721 contract with more traits and everything is cool af, but thats not really “pioneering” is it? There are 10k projects launching with ERC721 contracts and all sorts of rarities almost everyday now.
So we wanted to take a step further…

and now we are absolutely honored to say that thanks to the literal coding wizardry of Foobar, in about 2 weeks of development, we have been able to add a royalty sharing system completely ON CHAIN inside this new smart contract launching next week.

In just a bit more than a week from now,
The Bored Punk Yacht Club, will not only become a legit full fledged NFT collection on its own,
It will be the revolution itself, defining new frontiers for what an avatar projects could be.
And you, well… you, the members of BPYC, will be its Pioneers.

All 888 Bored Punks of our club were sold out in about 7 minutes after the club’s launch on June 14th, but you can always buy a Bored Punk from the secondary market on Looksrare.



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26 Jan 2022
17:50 GMT